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The Matarese Circle by Robert Ludlum

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Dust Jacket quite worn, Book in good shape, Richard Marek Books edition, 1979, hardback, Some label or paper sticker has been removed from the inside cover.  Does not appear to have been a library book.  601 pages of knowledge, a great book Possible First Edition but doesn't say, 1979

US Intelligence agent Brandon Scofield and Soviet KGB agent Vasili Taleniekov make their way through the obstacles and ravages of a cabal known as the Matarese. They find out that the Matarese has infiltrated the highest ranks of the society. They break the Matarese riddle and when they are on the verge of defeating the powerful conspiracy, Taleniekov and Antonia, a young and energetic woman whose love Scofield has sought, are kidnapped by the Matarese.

Fueled by the anger regarding the recent developments, Scofield decides to go after the Matarese himself and finds out that the consigliere of the Matarese include the next would-be President himself.

Scofield drives out the Matarese head, called as the Shepherd Boy and deals with him to let go Taleniekov and Antonia and he will in turn give in all the evidence that the Senator who was in line for the Presidency, was the son of the Shepherd Boy himself.

But nothing goes as Scofield planned and he finds out that the entire community of the heads America and Russia are members of the Matarese council, excluding the Presidents of the two countries.

Scofield kills everyone in the Matarese council and goes to the place where Antonia and Taleniekov are kidnapped. But Taleniekov denies all offers of running away and tells Scofield to run away with Antonia while he will take care of the rest as he cannot bear existence in a form where he cannot talk or move freely.

Taleniekov sacrifices himself by burning down the entire Matarese estate and Scofield runs away with Antonia. In the end, all is well and Scofield retires from his dangerous line of work to be a captain in his own ship with his wife, Antonia