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Copy Work Shop Workbook by Bruce Bendiger

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Soft Cover.  Only fair condition, Part has gotten wet at some point, 477 Pages.  

WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION. HANG ON! We have an evolution that's a revolution. When our media evolves in a big way, all of society evolves in an even bigger way. It's happening right now. Media habits are changing, business models that have been around for a hundred years are changing, and the job market is changing as well. Maybe you've noticed. Thomas Jefferson observed, "every generation needs a new revolution." Well, this one's inside your computer. THE GOOD NEWS. The world needs communication skills more than ever - as billboards evolve into banner ads, brochures open up into Web sites, and TV spots become viral videos. You'll find challenges old and new - and jobs to do. Get the help you need inside this book - conceptual tools, strategy basics, and tactical tips - all wrapped up in some of the best advice you'll find anywhere. Though you will need to bring along one more thing - "that ultimate non-linear thinking tool, the human brain." Yours is going to get some exercise. Get ready.