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Angel Book, The-A handbook for Aspiring Angels by Karen Goldman

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Angels hold profound meaning for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Ethereal and uplifting, these celestial beings reflect our deepest and best selves and embody our highest ideals of love and goodwill. In these pages, aspiring angel Karen Goldman takes us on a soul-warming journey filled with light, beauty, and goodness to the precious places where angels do exist. A road map to these higher realms, The Angel Book bridges the gap between Heaven and Earth, between hearts and souls, and between all people. 

Written simply and serenely with pure wisdom and an unmistakable ring of truth, The Angel Bookcaptures the essence of angels, teaching us what it means to fly, how to create miracles, and how to get our wings. We learn the rewards of becoming angels right here on Earth -- the privileges, the soul joys, and the ecstasies that await those of us whose spirits yearn to soar. 

For both seekers and sophisticates, this magically illustrated book is truly a heavenly gift to oneself or a fellow angel. Open to any page and a pearl of inspiration is yours to contemplate and enjoy. Sending an honest message of love and encouragement that will endure, The Angel Book opens our hearts and illuminates our souls, helping us recognize and acknowledge who we are at our very best.

Hardcover with Dust-jacket, Simon & Schuster, 105 Pages, Excellent Condition, Never Read.