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Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

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Hardcover with Dust Jacket, Good Condition, First Edition

The initial idea for Remember Me? came from me thinking: ‘What if you woke up and everything in your life was magically perfect?’

Now, this is never going to happen to any of us, but I made the story work with my heroine, Lexi Smart, waking up in a hospital bed having had a car crash – she has amnesia and she’s lost the last three years of her memory.  All sorts of things have happened to her in that time, but she thinks she’s still 25, working in a boring job, with a boyfriend who just stood her up, and it’s all a bit rubbish. When she wakes up, she’s the boss of her department, she’s married to a millionaire, she’s had her teeth fixed, she looks amazing AND she’s got a Louis Vuitton handbag, and basically her entire dream life has come true.

It’s the story of how she copes with this, how she finds out how she got to be this person, and whether it really is as perfect as it seems. Because dream lives have a tendency not to be as dreamy as you think…