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Don't Stop the Carnival by Herman Wouk

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Softcover first edition.  Good condition with some staining on bottom of body, Little, Brown and Company, 395 Pages, 

In the Caribbean, Hawaii, Capri, in fact wherever people seek in vain to escape from their true selves, they wryly laugh at and quote Don't Stop the Carnival. This is Herman Wouk's authentic picture of hotelkeeper Norman Paperman, discovering a new illicit love with a fading film star, amid zany mishaps and disasters recognizable to anyone who has lived on an island in the sun. Wouk and his family did just that for seven years. "My wife and I almost went out of our minds," he has written, "but much of the time we laughed like hell, and so survived. I trust that what is mainly preserved in this tale is the laughter." Don't Stop the Carnival is a farce about oncoming middle age, and the desperate, doomed attempt of one man to arrest the sands of time. It aims to show the comic side of that sad truth, with the racing feel of a Chaplin movie, one funny incident piled on another as a sad, gallant clown fights against his fate.